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Real Property

You have assets. Or you are looking to acquire assets. Either way, your assets — or acquisition of assets — should be legally protected. We can help.

We work with small businesses. Our clients include sole proprietorships, “mom & pop” shops and small family companies and corporations. We love and understand small businesses because we ourselves are a small business. We can help with contracts, leases, buy/sell agreements, purchase and sale contracts and other legal documents, and we are also happy to provide ongoing legal counsel.

We also help people with real property transactions. While we do not list and sell real estate (we leave that to the realtors), we do assist with deeds, seller-financed real estate contracts and securities such as promissory notes and trust deeds. We can also help with non-residential foreclosures in most instances if a contract goes bad. Our job is to make sure that you have maximum legal protection for your investments.