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Probate & Trust Administration

Managing another’s assets after their death can be a difficult and emotional experience. Most often, when you are doing so, it means that you have lost somebody you love. If you are in such a position, we extend our condolences. We also realize how important it is to have competent assistance to meet all the legal needs of this occurrence.

Whether you need to administer a court probate estate or conduct a private trust administration, we can help. Even though terms like “probate” or “administration” may sound somewhat scary and disconcerting, do not fear. These simply mean that some process must take place to ensure that final affairs are wrapped up and that assets are distributed to the correct people.

Our job is to remove as much burden as possible during this difficult time and to help manage the process from start to finish as efficiently and effectively as possible. We make sure that you are understanding of your legal obligations as administrator and ensure that you stay on time and on track.