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Scott Barbur, Barbur Laskey

Why You Should “Legal Local”

| Scott Barbur, Barbur Laskey

You often hear “eat local” and “shop local”, but what about “legal local?" Admittedly, that does not have quite the same ring to it, but the premise is the same. When you hire a local attorney, not only are you getting a more personally tailored legal experience, but also, you are investing in your community. It is increasingly important for communities, especially small towns and neighborhoods, to invest in their local professionals (think: lawyers, accountants, doctors and others), as it grows diversity and connectivity, bolsters economic stability, and, ultimately, allows for communities to be more well-rounded, self-sufficient and sustainable.

When you “legal local”, you also stand to benefit greatly. One considerable value a local attorney brings to the table is their knowledge of the laws and nuances specific to where you live. Their expertise is local, which is very advantageous for you as the client. They also have connections to your shared community, which means they are going to take special care to maintain a good reputation and go the extra mile for their clients. Additionally, law firms donate to meaningful local causes, so in hiring a resident attorney you are actively making the decision to invest in your community. Finally, a local attorney’s close proximity to you makes for a more meaningful business relationship. Not only will the commute be shorter, but will also allow for regular, convenient meetings to accomplish your legal needs.

We value shopping small and within our own neighborhoods because it boosts our local economy, and in doing so, we are directly and positively impacting our community. We also participate in the movement to eat locally grown food for seasonality, freshness, and because it’s better for the environment. In the same thread, we need to seriously consider hiring local professionals so we can support our communities and invest in local entrepreneurship. When our community prospers, we all succeed. The next time you find yourself in need of an attorney, remember to “legal local.”