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Barbur Laskey

Time MARCHes On

| Barbur Laskey

We’ve survived two years of a global pandemic, and with spring on the horizon, life feels hopeful again. With a renewed focus on family, friends, and the things that matter most to us, we are ready to dive back into life in a big way – celebrations, gatherings, and travel. Before throwing caution to the wind, I encourage each of us to plan for the uncertainties that lie ahead. While we navigate economic and political uncertainty, there has never been a better time to have an estate plan than now.

Who enjoyed losing an hour to Daylight Saving Time? (Crickets.) We only lost an hour. Sixty minutes. And yet, the idea of losing time doesn’t feel good. An hour of lost time could cost you a visit with a loved one, a yoga class, or an extra 20 cents a gallon at the pump. Life is full of things outside of our control, and every hour that passes feels like a giant risk when you don’t have an estate plan. Thoughtfully implementing or revisiting your estate plan will serve you and your family no matter what lies ahead.

Estate planning is for everyone. Read that again. One silver lining of COVID-19 is that it woke up young people and turned them on to estate planning. For the first time, young adults are more likely than middle-aged adults to have an estate plan. In’s 2021 annual survey, they found that “18-34-year-olds are 16% more likely to have a will than those in the 35-54 age group.” The assumption that estate planning is only for the elderly and the wealthy got turned on its head, and we seriously hope it stays that way.

Undoubtedly two years of COVID-19 has shifted our perspective on many things, estate planning included. As we find light at the end of the tunnel, my hope is that we will remind ourselves and our loved ones that life is always fragile and uncertain. By planning for whatever tomorrow may bring, we march forward, living our best lives with peace of mind and a renewed sense of purpose.