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Scott Barbur, Barbur Laskey

Summertime and the Estate Planning is Easy

| Scott Barbur, Barbur Laskey

After the year we’ve had, many of us are more than ready to take off on a summer adventure. If you’re like me, you have spent the last few months daydreaming of sandy beaches, crashing waves, and a little break from the monotony of everyday life. Now that the kids are out of school and it is officially summer break, you might be in the planning stages of making that dream a reality.

A word of advice, if I may: get your estate plan in shape before you go.

Many clients come to us panicked before they leave their kids behind for the first time, or if they are traveling overseas. Truthfully, any getaway should prompt a visit to your estate planning attorney to make sure your documents are in place and are reflective of your wishes.

You are probably thinking that it’s more likely to get in a car crash on the way home from work than it is to have something happen while on your “vacay” (and statistically, you’re probably right), but why risk it? Emergencies, tragedies, and illnesses can happen at any time, and the failure to plan often has a messy, even devastating outcome. If you have minor children, you must have a plan to provide for them in the event something happens to you. The consequences of putting off your estate plan can be dire.

Here’s the good news: you don’t have to put your summer plans on hold to have a will or trust drafted and signed, as our process is generally quick and painless. So, if you have been procrastinating, now is the time to get this done. If you do have an estate plan already, it’s probably time to revisit it, because let’s face it – estate planning is not a one-and-done task, but rather a lifelong process. Your documents should change in tandem with your life circumstances. Making sure you have the right people and plan in place offers a great boost of confidence.

In short, please take the time to plan before heading out on a summer vacation. If you do, I assure you that relaxation and peace of mind will set in faster than you can say “mojito.”